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  • the crop hoodie (10/8/2019)
  • zeura – the sweatshirt (10/2/2019)

    Zeura is how i am returning to these pages.

    Zeura was born out of the union between Zeus and Hera.

    enjoy the reading and the love.

    A Heavenly Marriage? Hera and Zeus

    After Leto, Zeus found a lover who put him in seventh heaven. For this lover, his seventh, was the one he chose to marry: his sister Hera. When he began courting her—in secret, so that his mother would not find out—Hera, who no doubt knew that Zeus had already had six different lovers, spurned his romantic overtures.

    Cuckoo for Love

    Zeus realized he needed another approach. So he appeared to her in the guise of a bedraggled, rain-soaked cuckoo. Hera saw the poor bird and kindly brought him into the shelter of her bosom to warm and dry him. Zeus immediately returned to his true form and—true to form, indeed—ravished her. He thus shamed Hera into marrying him.

    What a Life!

    Here’s a neat trick! Hera regularly bathed in the spring of Canathus near Argos—and in doing so restored and renewed her virginity.

    The first wedding of Olympians was no small occasion. All the gods and goddesses attended, bringing with them marvelous gifts. Gaia presented her granddaughter, Hera, with a wondrous tree. Hera planted this tree, richly hung with Golden Apples, in her garden under the care of the Hesperides, nymphs who were daughters of the Night (Nyx). Hera and Zeus had a glorious wedding night—one that lasted 300 years.

  • thank you. (11/3/2018)

    hey. it’s been a while. i’m here in detroit. a lot has happened. of course. a lot of stuff i felt like sharing but i didn’t for there was a note that was striking me as important all the way. i somehow couldn’t talk about it, for i felt it represented nuances of my own shadow. shadow in its real meaning. that side of yourself you often see reflected on a pavement at night, that may or may not disturb you. personally it has hardly disturbed me all along, if it wasn’t for its very narrow boundaries. if in analytical psychology the shadow also embodies our darkest fears, how does it reflect itself in life? in this case, that shadow was being reflected in people i have been meeting and it had to do with the idea of saying “thank you”. thankfully (this is the irony of this inked talk), i was raised in a thankful world, england for most of it. if i was often ridiculed at bars in italy for thanking for something i paid for, my point was: “well, you served me, and although i’m paying you, i’m still thanking you for your service. that’s my style.” then i moved to detroit. and that’s when things took a different turn. i was often requesting services and i wasn’t served, let alone being thanked. when i was served, i was in my style thanking, and a mere “you’re welcome” was echoed back. i didn’t pay attention at first. until i realised how important this apparent small gesture of being grateful to whoever you encounter, of just saying “thank you” was having a tremendous effect on me. how? well, we are all human beings. we move around, we struggle, we fight, we dream and we often feel the need of being thanked for what we do. yes, we should not expect it but we naturally feel it. it’s human nature. so why, shouldn’t we thank our friend for a thoughtful gesture? why shouldn’t we thank our boss for our bi-weekly check? why shouldn’t we thank our client for their money? why? is it too hard to be just nice and say THANK YOU? i am now learning to build my relationships around this small but powerful gesture, and if that represents your shadow, i’m suggesting you ask it why? why do i not say thank you? why do i hate saying thank you? why? for fuck sake! you, ungrateful person!

  • mind the gap. (3/4/2018)

    Don’t aim at success – the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long run — in the long run, I say — success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.”

    Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him.”

  • it’s life, innit? (2/22/2018)

    haha. back in june, i said i was going to post weekly. clearly, i didn’t. but it’s never too late.

    h e l l o .

    out of the many things i’m involved in nowadays and never really talk about (for i don’t judge books by their covers), i run (and love it) some social media for the david lynch foundation UK.

    i was wondering today…how did i get into all of this?

    on an (obviously) gloomy friday night in london (hence the obviously and the gloomy) of 2010,

    i somehow came through this video. instead of going out, i stayed in. my attention spam at the time was very limited for the many hours spent in front of a computer, the overwhelming emotional stress at work coupled with a strong determination in showing (to someone i’m so sure about) that i could run millions of things at the same time. and there it was: a huge chaos was however going on inside, which was making me tremendously unhappy (with the exception of the beatles!).

    i think that on that night i was googling “how to ground yourself”, for an osteopath friend of mine suggested i needed to get grounded to feel a bit better (i was like: what on earth does that mean!? other than earth, duh!!!). i did my grounding exercises in front of youtube. however, in a very ungrounded way, my attention was drawn to something else: david lynch, meditation, brain, consciousness. all these keywords were popping up on the side bar. they felt kind of attractive to me.

    i was, after all, a child of twin peaks. when twin peaks arrived in italy, i fought really hard with my mum to be able to watch it (even if i was 12 and even if laura palmer’s diary, which my mum confiscated, wasn’t necessarily the book a 12 year old catholic girl from the fields should read…how dare!).

    however. on the night of the grounding exercises, i was trying really hard to understand how to make sense of the fact i chose to study accountancy, banking and all that, for the apparent lust of making money and having my own business, which wasn’t really happening. on the same night i also thought meditation was kind of hippy too. too hippy for someone like me.

    still, i came to this conclusion: “i’m kind of weird, i like weird things, david lynch looks weird to me, the beatles took up meditation. let me give it a chance.”

    i just recalled the event tonight, while i was watching this other beautiful talk that david and bobby (notice how familiar it all becomes through meditation) gave in los angeles only a week ago, as part of Bob Roth’s book tour, “Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation”.

    it was sort of uplifting to notice how much my life changed since that day. i was reminded of the sweet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s quote “Life is a festival of disruption”

    from that i somehow came up with my own quote… just to make sure my brain, consciousness and creativity keep running on the same page.

    “it’s life, innit?”. 

    enjoy it. love it. every single bit of it.

    so, to close and ground this thought…

    … i wish you lots of peace, love, and meditation (notice how i also ended up giving in to that hippy side of me).



  • brag. the new blog. (7/17/2014)

    June 1st 2017, Detroit, MI (my new found home)

    Hey, my Fab friends! I’m back! We are back. Aren’t we?

    Since 2012, lots of things changed. I went back and forth trying to figure out what to do in life. I upset some friends, my parents, my bank manager and many more but I just can’t help it. I’m just the way I am.

    Now that the world has gone even more tits up, it’s 2017, it’s June and so on, I feel that, in one way or another, we  really have no choice but to stick together, for the simple sake of changing our news feeds to something a bit more positive (we are not asking for much) as a simple way to move forward whilst returning to the core of who I and we really are (I will never get bored of this):

    Briefly… this is what happened over my last 5 years.

    I took up painting in 2014, inspired by a 7 year old who bet I could draw. Here was me, on my first painting, a self portrait. That morning I was angry at myself and needed a glimpse of that anger. So I painted that face, for the first time.



    I took a low paid job in 2015 to support Autistic children. I made a few notes on this on my other blog, so to give you an idea.

    *** The Autism Box ***

    I took the chance to live on a very low income, and to devote some of my time to small others. Yes, it has been very fulfilling but I got to a point in which I think it’s even more fulfilling when you earn something.

    I’m totally 100% against this all volunteering thing. I find it soulless and disempowering. So, I’m done with this humanitarian side of me for now. At least whilst I’m living in first world countries.

    I’m taking another chance now which is to take this blog seriously. It’s not a joke! It’s true.

    I aim to post weekly on who and what I have been inspired by that I want to BRAG about. Because BRAG is my new kind of BLOG.

    I used this timelapse thing to capture the moment when I decided to take all things seriously. I know, I know, timelapse is so last century but hey…:) so am I!

    So, from the comfort of my current living room in Detroit, I leave you with a quote of what has inspired me this week. It’s taken from the song I listen to, at times of change: The End – The Doors

    “Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free”

    Enjoy my fab t-shirts, and feel free to connect with me and send me anything inspiring. I’m all ears.

    Lots of love.