about me

who is iamfab?

fab stands for fabiana, that’s my name, don’t wear it out. 

i’m an artist first. my product is inspired by my curiosity and adventures. i have learnt to be self-reliant and rely on my inner resources first.

my artwork is an expression of my dreams, the difficult times I’ve been through and my travels.

i left the cornfields of italy 20 years ago and never looked back. for a long time i was a free spirit locked in a well-organized and efficient box. times have changed. 

i  started out my adult life amongst numbers. i was living in london, working for MTV,  thinking in money and kilos (like most bodies in this world). one day, i was literally thrown into living a bit more fulfilling life. coming home from class on my bicycle, i slammed into a car door as someone was opening it. as i lay on the ground, I thought, “what the heck, i am still here, i didn’t die, i may as well make the most of it.” until that moment i was running on automatic pilot: sort of sleepwalking through a life i thought i should be living. the first thing I did after the accident was to start a regular meditation practice. it gave me an insight into what was really going on inside of me. it made me realize who i really am and what i really want. 

i switched from numbers to drawings almost overnight. left to right. from dull excel spreadsheets to big, beautiful blank spaces of nothingness on which to create my new life. i learned to stop grasping for the result and start enjoying the journey. i got out of thinking my way through life and into doing my way through it. these were hard choices. and at times it was no fun.

for the last 7 years i’ve been meditating, creating, traveling, only sometimes running into car doors and getting into trouble. i’m currently working on a separate project called “healing fortress”, which is housing a combination of healing arts and the creation of a meditation garden in Detroit.

lots of love, peace and meditation