it’s life, innit?

haha. back in june, i said i was going to post weekly. clearly, i didn’t. but it’s never too late.

h e l l o .

out of the many things i’m involved in nowadays and never really talk about (for i don’t judge books by their covers), i run (and love it) some social media for the david lynch foundation UK.

i was wondering today…how did i get into all of this?

on an (obviously) gloomy friday night in london (hence the obviously and the gloomy) of 2010,

i somehow came through this video. instead of going out, i stayed in. my attention spam at the time was very limited for the many hours spent in front of a computer, the overwhelming emotional stress at work coupled with a strong determination in showing (to someone i’m so sure about) that i could run millions of things at the same time. and there it was: a huge chaos was however going on inside, which was making me tremendously unhappy (with the exception of the beatles!).

i think that on that night i was googling “how to ground yourself”, for an osteopath friend of mine suggested i needed to get grounded to feel a bit better (i was like: what on earth does that mean!? other than earth, duh!!!). i did my grounding exercises in front of youtube. however, in a very ungrounded way, my attention was drawn to something else: david lynch, meditation, brain, consciousness. all these keywords were popping up on the side bar. they felt kind of attractive to me.

i was, after all, a child of twin peaks. when twin peaks arrived in italy, i fought really hard with my mum to be able to watch it (even if i was 12 and even if laura palmer’s diary, which my mum confiscated, wasn’t necessarily the book a 12 year old catholic girl from the fields should read…how dare!).

however. on the night of the grounding exercises, i was trying really hard to understand how to make sense of the fact i chose to study accountancy, banking and all that, for the apparent lust of making money and having my own business, which wasn’t really happening. on the same night i also thought meditation was kind of hippy too. too hippy for someone like me.

still, i came to this conclusion: “i’m kind of weird, i like weird things, david lynch looks weird to me, the beatles took up meditation. let me give it a chance.”

i just recalled the event tonight, while i was watching this other beautiful talk that david and bobby (notice how familiar it all becomes through meditation) gave in los angeles only a week ago, as part of Bob Roth’s book tour, “Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation”.

it was sort of uplifting to notice how much my life changed since that day. i was reminded of the sweet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s quote “Life is a festival of disruption”

from that i somehow came up with my own quote… just to make sure my brain, consciousness and creativity keep running on the same page.

“it’s life, innit?”. 

enjoy it. love it. every single bit of it.

so, to close and ground this thought…

… i wish you lots of peace, love, and meditation (notice how i also ended up giving in to that hippy side of me).